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Homemade Food for your Dog or Cat

I have 2 beautiful ragdoll cats that I adore and I have always wanted to get them off a processed food diet and onto a whole food diet.  I bought a couple of books on pet nutrition last year and I really enjoyed The Whole Pet Diet.  You can find the link to it on Amazon:  Here 

The author is the founder of Halo Pet Food which is sold at Whole Foods.  In the book she shares homemade recipes for pets & she also has a blog where she shared the recipe for the stew that started her company.  Awhile ago, I cooked this recipe for my cats for 2 weeks.  The transformation was amazing.  Their coats were so shiny and unbelievably softer.  Cats are notoriously picky (try herding them!).  They got sick of my homemade food and wanted to go back to their processed, salty food.  I gave in and let them have what they wanted because they are just too cute and spoiled rotten.

Dogs would do much better I’m sure.  If you are interested in cooking up a batch of the stew check out the recipe here.  As always, check with your vet first for what is best for the health of your pet.  When I made my batch I found a whole chicken on sale and then got all of the veggies down at City Market.  I told the old Italian guy running the stand that it was for my cats and he thought I was crazy.  You can freeze most of it and defrost it when needed.

I’m going to make another batch soon.  This time I’m going to cut the amount of garlic in half.  I think it was too much for them.  Let me know if you give this a try!  Here’s my cute kitties in their Christmas PJ’s:


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  1. Thank you for your lovely review about my book! I hope you sign up for my newletter as well. I have so much good news I’m about to share! Wishing you and your pets great health! xoxo Andi Brown

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